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How my Dad Influenced My Love Languages (My Story)

Everyone has a love language, and unfortunately, most people don't know theirs. And I think one of the things you need to know about your partner in the early stages of your relationship is their love language.

Read here to know about the five love languages: THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES

Not knowing your partners love language can highly affect your relationship. Not knowing what makes the other person feel loved is a very high risk since you will be doing stuff thinking that you are showing love while those things don't really mean anything to the other person.

So the other person will feel unloved, and you will feel unappreciated. Sadly this is a cause of so many break-ups and cheating. It's sometimes not a compatibility issue, it's just that your partner felt unloved; you could prevent this by talking about what your love language is with your partner, like what makes you feel loved.

It is the responsibility of everyone to know their love language and make their partners aware, and if not you can help each other discover your love languages.

Here is how you can discover your love language: HOW TO FIND YOUR LOVE LANGUAGE.

They say everyone has a primary love language and secondary love languages. In my case, I sometimes think I got 3 primary love languages because they somehow balance.

MY DAD ...

My dad wasn't perfect, nobody is ...but I loved him dearly  I can't deny his contribution to my dominant love languages.

Love language # 1: Words of affirmation

Growing up, my dad was always proud of me, I remember him boasting about me to his folks and I think that highly built up my self-confidence, he didn't have to tell me to work hard, he didn't ...the fact that he was proud of me, the smile he gave when I achieved something was enough to make me work hard. 

He always praised me and made me feel special. And honestly, I have always been a words person. Words of Affirmation is my primary love language.

And I will forever be grateful.

Love Language # 2: Receiving Gifts.

I went to boarding schools like all of my school life, and he always sent me cards, best wishes cards, birthday cards, congratulations cards.

And the best part was, the cards were huge and I really loved that. He always reminded me that he was a proud dad.

And even after school, receiving gifts has always had an impact on me, a good impact to be exact.

Love Language # 3: Physical Touch

Well, yes am a hugs person, a touchy person. Growing up I received a lot of hugs from my dad. 

Hugs when he comes back from a long journey, hugs when picks me up from school after a long school term, hugs when he comes to school on visiting.

Hugs that made me feel comfortable, yes he loved me.

He indirectly set standards for me to feel loved and safe.  I guess what people say is right, after all, our fathers are the first men we love in our lives, the first men who set the bar of love.

A father’s influence in his daughter’s life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence, and opinions of men.-

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