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Orodha ya Majina ya Mujibu wa Sheria - 2023 | Form 6 JKT Selection 2023

The National Building Army (JKT), calls all young people who have graduated from secondary education in the sixth form for the year 2023 from all schools in mainland Tanzania to attend the JKT Training in accordance with the Law for the year 2023.

When should you report to JKT 2023?

In line with the call, JKT has arranged camps for those who want to go for training and they are required to report to the camps from June 1 to June 11, 2023.

List of JKT Camps

  • Rwamkoma-Mara, 
  • JKT Msange-Tabora, 
  • JKT Ruvu-Pwani, 
  • JKT Mpwapwa, 
  • Makutupora JKT-Dodoma,
  • JKT Mafinga-Iringa, 
  • JKT Mlale-Ruvuma, 
  • JKT Mgambo - Tanga
  • JKT Maramba-Tanga,
  • JKT Makuyuni Arusha , 
  • JKT Bulombora, 
  • JKT Kanembwa 
  • JKT Mtabila -Kigoma, 
  • JKT Itaka -Songwe, 
  • JKT Luwa - Rukwa
  • JKT Milundikwa -Rukwa, 
  • JKT Nachingwea -Lindi, 
  • JKT Kibiti-Pwani 
  • Oljoro JKT-Arusha.

What camps should graduates with disabilities report to?

Graduates with visual disabilities (Physical Disabilities) report at the Ruvu JKT Camp located in Mlandizi Coastal Region which has the infrastructure to serve the people of that nature.

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