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How do you get to know your primary love language?

In the first part of the same topic,  I told you about the five love languages in general. But the main concern is how do you get to know your primary/dominant love language. There are three main approaches to do that;

1.Observe your own behavior.

What do you often do to others, your partner specifically? What do you do to express how much you love them, adore them? What do you do to show them appreciation? 

Most of the time what you give is what you desire. The language you speak is most likely the language you would want to receive.

If you always feel like telling your partner how much you adore them, or you like telling them some good romantic words then it's most likely that your primary love language is "words of affirmation".

If you are a gift-giver then perhaps that is what you desire most "Receiving gifts ". This applies to the rest of the love languages.

As a partner, you can also get to know your partner's love language by observing what he/she likes to do for you.

2.What you always complain about. 

What you complain about to your partner, can be your primary love language. If your major complaint is why he never spends time with you then your primary love language is likely to be "quality time".

If you always complain to your partner about how she/he never helps out, then your love language is " acts of service".

Note to self: Always take note of what people complain about, because that way they express what they really desire.

3. What you always request for. 

If you always request for gifts then your primary language is "receiving gifts". If you always ask for approval when you do something good, then your language is " words of affirmation". If you always ask for hugs or a massage, then " physical touch" is your primary love language.

You might request things that will cover all the 5 love languages, but one language is always dominant than the rest.

You may also take an online love language test available at Love Languages online Test

" The best way to show your partner that you love them is through speaking their love languages".

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