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What Men Want - Gift Guide For Your Man (Part IV)

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The question was: What gift would you like your woman to give you? Below are some of the responses.

Well for me, I would love it if she buys me innerwear, like boxers, vest. I would love a watch too. Nice T-shirts of my favorite color.

There is something that most women don't know, something that will make your man value you even more. If your man is an entrepreneur and the like, you can support him financially when he is stuck. That man will forever treasure you.

We men truly love and admire women who support our vision and hustles.

Cologne,  Boxer, Shoes, Clothes

I would really love a PS4 but I don't think if I can get that because most women are not givers.
I would love anything from her, clothes, cologne, a watch...a bottle of wine
A watch , Shoes, Shirts, cologne, cap, missing stuff for my place.
Well, something relatable to my hobby...  I love music, so music system maybe or a  portable speaker or headphones.
Also food - if you cook my favorite food well, you're a winner.
A framed photo of mine.

A watch, wallet, Clothes, Shoes, Laptop bag 

I would like something that will keep me and her together. Maybe GAMES PS4, a watch, Her, If she understands me, Clothes, Car, Glasses

Clothes, Shoes.
Room accessories, bed sheets, duvet, stuff that will always remind me of her, wardrobe.
A car.
A framed picture of me and her.
I would love anything from her, for now a motorbike would do. The good stuff too, clothes , shoes.
Shirts,  Blazer.
Dinner, somewhere where we can talk about our future.
Socks, Shaver, Duvet, PS4, and a wall painting.
I would just love a classic watch. 
Shirts, Trousers, T-shirts, A watch.
I also love high-quality shoes, casual, they got an engineering look.


Anything that will make me look like a gentleman in the streets,

Any that shows her real love to me... 
Watch, wallet, Phone, Boxer, Necktie, Framed photo. 
Clothes with my favorite colors, a phone in trend  ...
A baby ...
Could be a book/bible,diary, 
Bracelet,simple watch,a kiss,sneakers,caps,bubblegum,sun glasses,
headphones,portable games,a kiss,play stationšŸ¤·šŸ»‍♂️,
Little Stuffs for working out,Bluetooth speaker.
Bracelet, Cologne, Cap,ps4 game cd, A watch, Apple watch, Clothes.
Cologne, Ps4, phone, laptop, tv, clothes, shoes, belt.
I would also love a piece of tech...
Bluetooth speaker, headphone...genuine 
Very fine phone, nice Rolex watch, a pair of shoes ( LV ), an outing, inner garment.
A watch, boxer, shirt, sandals...
For me I'm a book reader. If she brings me a new novel will be great. I love tech gadgets
so I would love it if she surprises me with a pc, tablet, or smartphone. 

A watch , boxer, cologne, PS4, basketball shirt, football shoes, jersey
Watch, shoes, clothes...
A trip to Anfield...



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