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What Men Want - Gift Guide For Your Man (Part III)

There is a wide range of gifts to give your man, put a smile on that dude's face.

Gift Ideas for him

The question was: What gift would you like your woman to give you? Below are some of the responses.

Shoes, a mug, notebook, bible, belt, wallet, vest, designer suitcase, TV Set, Gaming Console (Xbox or Play Station), Home Theater, bed, Wardrobe , Duvet.
A vacation to somewhere beautiful.

A watch, lunch/dinner, Shoes, Playstation, Laptop, Phone.
Clothes , Electronic and technological gadgets ...
It would depend on what I would need at that time, for me a watch would do, I would also prefer shoes, clothes.
I know most men don't say it but if you give your man some cash to facilitate his goal when he s stuck really means a lot to us.
😅I would have started with sex, It's the best gift ever😅. Uhm a gaming console, ps. A watch or necklace.A date.Shoes or clothes the ones that I like.A wallet.Perfume and deodorant.
Okay, that's its but ps is the best and expensive😅.
Watch, Shoes, Socks. Anything wearable to be exact.
Watch, Wallet, Perfume, Inner, and Outer Wear.
Shoes, T-shirt; something fashionable. 
Boxers, Vest. 
PS4, A watch, Clothes, Dinner.
She could cook me my favorite meal. 

Cologne, Boxer, T-shirt, Cadet Trouser ( Am not a fan of jeans ), Wallet, Belt, Watch.

Interior design plan for my place, home assets.

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