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What Men Want - Gift Guide For Your Man (Part II)

Ladies, getting gifts from him feels so good but buying him gifts feels so much better. It will feel good putting a smile on his face I promise.

Gifts for him

Looking for a romantic gift for your man? Something special that he will really love and appreciate? Here are some of the testimonies of what men want.

The question was: What gift would you like your woman to give you? Below are some of the responses.

I would far a whole set of outfit (a pair of official shoes, shirt, cadet trousers), a classic watch.
I am a tech guy, if she would get me a powerful computer then I would really be grateful.

Man's outfit 

Cologne, shoes, boxers, clothes ...and if she is financially fit, a car, a piece of land.

 I would like a watch, I love watches. A classy perfume.
Personally, I would love if my girl buys me games๐Ÿ˜…
If she can afford a high-performance laptop, I will be very pleased . Investment books ( I prefer hardcopy), Jersey, Sneakers, Football set ( shoes, socks ).
If she is a good cook that's a bonus because I love good food, plus the surprise take away lunches from her delivered to my workplace would be lovely.

Wallet, a watch, a bracelet , earphones...

A good cap, sandals, sneakers, a T-shirt, an Arsenal Jersey, FIFA CD. It means a lot to us men when our women are observative like if she visits my place and notices something is missing and gets it for me would make me really appreciate her.
We men don't really pay attention to the small stuff, doormats, and the like, that's where she comes in. 
And honestly, that's what I love about my woman, she pays attention, she observes, and then she does something about it.

I'll tell you what I've ever actually received and I do appreciate them still. One gave me bed-sheets and curtains. One paid for my tickets to events (theaters, comedy). A book will be a good gift too. Since I'm an IT fan, any IT gadget will be awesome like some heavy-duty desktop/laptop, some fancy or ergonomic keyboard ๐Ÿ˜œ. Or some ergonomic chair , clothes.
If she comes with all the ingredients and prepares me a good meal I would forever be grateful, gifts in form of cash work for me too.

To be continued...

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  1. woowe, that was interesting........kind of good gifts that i suddenly added to my list even though i didn't have them.