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How to Calculate your Net Worth - Knowing your Worth.

So I developed this bad spending habit, which ends up with me being broke at the beginning of a month, imagine at the beginning.

calculating your net worth

Am no longer in my early 20s and I admit that I hate myself for that habit. And it’s not that am spending the cash on some useless things, well no. I just have been buying a lot of fixed assets lately, but that’s not an excuse for me being broke. I hate being broke, .. and I have decided to do something about it because am not growing any younger.

The fact that you love something and you can’t afford it sucks. So I just got back to reading the Smart Money Woman books, I actually read them before but there are even more relatable now

It’s Christmas Eve, and am traveling back home to spend Christmas with my mama. I started reading the first chapter of Smart Money Woman 

Well, how cliche ..the first chapter is about being broke, it’s like the heavens are trying to tell me it’s all about what it means being broke, and it shows you how to calculate your net worth as the first step towards your financial freedom journey 

But we’ll who am I lying. Am sure I have a zero net worth ( rolls eyes ), it’s just scary

I got more serious in reading this book this time, dug into the meaning of assets and liabilities, and I might not have a zero net worth after all...

The financial freedom thingy has been my goal since I finished college, and the bad news is that am nowhere close. But it’s not too late to start over right 

But I have a good feeling and am marking this day as day one towards my financial freedom. Cheers to life cheers to more money 

How to calculate your net worth 

If you wanna know how much you worth, then calculate all your assets and your liabilities then do the following.

Personal Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities


What have you realized after calculating your net-worth ??

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