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Are you broke ? - This definition of being broke is going to help you answer that.

You just checked your bank account and it screamed for help, all you got is some little cash that will keep you getting by on that particular day or week. And then you feel bad for yourself for being broke. Well, as much as I know that is the definition of most of us about being broke. When it comes to the financial world there is so much more to that term than we think.

Are You Broke?

Am not a financial guru but I would like to share a little that I learned. Before we get to the definition of being broke let's ask ourselves some few questions :

If you lost your primary source of income today, will you be able to afford your lifestyle?

If your answer to that question is yes, then you congratulations you are on a safe side, but if the answer to that is no then " you are broke ". Shocked, right ..?  Yes, you might be living a lavish lifestyle but if all you do is live per paycheck, and you don't save/keep or grow your money then you are no different from a person who doesn't have money at all; you are all broke.

Broke people mentality 

Most broke people just think about how they can earn and spend money. They don't think about how they can keep and grow the money. 

Not being broke is about how you can keep the money and convert it into an investment.

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