It's the only period tracking app that I've ever used and that I'll always use I guess. I know there are some other good period tracking apps out there but I chose to stay committed to this one.

Period Calendar:

Like it has all these good features and offers even extra features that I never thought of. So if am to rate it out of 10, then I give it an eleven.

Here are some of its amazing features :

  • Cycle Tracker, Period tracker
  • Unique diary design
  • 43 symptoms and 64 moods to choose
  • Pregnancy mode when you get pregnant or finish pregnancy
  • Notification for period, fertility and ovulation
  •  Weight and temperature charts
  • Period tracker menstrual cycles
  • Menstruation period, cycles, ovulation predict
  • Customize your personal period length, cycle length, and ovulation
  •  Security protections
  • Automatic backup data to Dropbox and Restore from Dropbox
  •  Backup your period and cycle tracker data to phone or email
  •  You can choose 1, 3 or all months data average as your period cycle length
  •  Multi accounts to tracker different persons' periods
  •  Restore Period tracker data from SD card and email
  •  Multi-language to choose
  • Forums
  • Reports
  • Self Care Tips
This is my #1 must-have app! I back up my info weekly, and it's always the very 1st download on a new phone! Not only does it accurately tell me when to expect my period & ovulation, it allows me to keep a log of every time I have sex if it was protected or not, and even if I got off or not! Lol, I use it to log everything, fights with my husband, or anyone else. Any time I feel odd or have an issue, I log it. It makes seeing patterns and causes of issues so much easier! Even the fights with hubby! I LOVE this app! I've tried a few others and I still prefer this one best by far! You can export the info to your gyno too! So awesome! - Anita Taco
Great app....perfect for keeping up to date on periods ans ovulation etc.
I like all the little extra bits too where I can tick on the days I've had sex....and even the days that I'm moody or any other emotion.