With technology so many things have changed , gone are the times when women had to memorize their menstrual cycle dates ,or calculate the safe and unsafe days. With a period tracking app on your smart phone all that can be done in a flash of a second.


These apps track everything including the length of your menstrual cycle and notify you when your periods are getting closer . You can also receive notifications on the days when your most fertile (ovulation days) in case you are trying to get pregnant ; this also helps when you are trying to avoid that.

It is highly recommended for all ladies to have one of these apps so as to avoid all the inconveniences because periods are sometimes inconsistent and to always be prepared. And I personally recommend this for men too , if you are sexually active you can also have the period tracking app for the sake of your spouse , it will also help you know the days in which she needs extra attention or the days in which you won't get it ...





    It is free for both android and iPhone.  It helps to track and predict your period, plus provide information on your fertile window and potential ovulation date.

    In addition to the basic menstrual cycle tracking function, the app can be used to record temperature, intercourse, birth control, weight, cervical mucus, mood, and any other symptoms.

    The calendar is password-protected, so you don't have to worry about privacy issues.




    It is free for both android and iPhone. Using the app's  calendar, you will be able to write how you are feeling, your symptoms, sex drive, and menstruation flow. The app can also be used to track sleep, water consumption, and physical activity.

    It can clue you into possible hormone imbalances and suggests lifestyle changes (like the best foods to eat or activities to engage in) that could make you feel better during different phases of your cycle.

    The calendar is password-protected, so you don't have to worry about privacy issues



    • CLUE


    Clue uses science to help its users to identify unique patterns in their menstrual cycle. With the app's period tracker, multiple mood trackers, health logs, and exercise trackers, your health and menstrual cycle will no longer be a mystery.