I believe we have all been in a situation where we had too much on our plates, in such a way that it overwhelms us. Well I have been down that road so many times, and one thing has always managed to work for me, and it could work for you too (keyword " could ").

daily scheduling

As you grow up you got to learn to have a balance between work, your personal life, your personal relationships, etc. What do you do when you got a lot of stuff to be done, and you got several deadlines you need to meet? Well, the key lies in scheduling your day, your week, your month, your year.

Why you should adapt to scheduling your activities:

  • It will help you manage your time more efficiently.
  • You are likely to get more tasks done 
  • You are less likely to forget tasks.
  • You will avoid feeling overwhelmed and disorganized.
  • You will feel more in control of your life,
  • You will avoid unnecessary stress.
  •  You can easily track your activities
  • Your tasks are less likely to be piled up.

Quick Steps To Planning Your Daily Schedule : 

daily schedule

  • Be visual, as it will motivate you more. Use colored highlighters, colored sticky notes, and if you are using a digital means to schedule, add more color to your schedule. You could use red for tasks that need more attention and the like.

  • List all the activities that have to be done. Don't leave anything behind, no matter how minor the task may seem.

How to Plan Your Workday for Productivity

  • For each task write down its deadline, or how urgent it is.
  • Prioritize the tasks in accordance with their urgency.
  • Schedule your tasks, and note that the tasks with the highest priority should start first.


  • Start working while following your schedule.
  • Make sure you check off every task that is done.

How to plan your weekly schedule – Learn

  • Check your schedule from time to time, to know what is to be done next, and what is not done yet.
  • Adjust your schedule when necessary. Move flexible items or those that are less of a priority to another day incase an emergency, complication, or conflict arises.
  • Take breaks in between to get a rest.
  • Reward yourself at the end of the day after completing your tasks. This will motivate you to do stuff on time.

Reward yourself for success

Quick Tip: As said earlier, you can have a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly schedule.  To keep you motivated on how you can plan your weekly schedule, here is how Jack Dorsey (Twitter & Square Founder ) schedules his week: He has actually distributed his days into themes, superb right?