Tokeo la picha la power of writing
Ever found yourself feeling all confused and unsettled just because
your schedule is not organised or maybe too much is going on on your mind and you just can't take it anymore .

Well you are not the only one experiencing that because I have been on that road for so many times .
And for me the only solution to that is writing , jotting down what is going on in my mind for that particular moment .

Apart from music and walks ,writing has been my all time solution to my worries and fears and anger and pain . With writing I get to really understand what am feeling , and just let it all out in case I don't have anybody to talk to , or in case I don't think anybody around could really understand what am feeling. And believe me this method has worked for years.

Back in the days I used to have a journal or diary as most of you call it , so in case something overwhelms me be it good or bad then I express it in writings but with time it gets harder to always move around with your journal as life gets busier so I stopped writing for some time and honestly that hasn't been good for me because sometimes things get too much.

I thought about it and I think am officially getting back to writing though am opting for another method , a digital means since I always carry my phone around . As of yesterday I did a research on best journaling apps The 10 Best Journaling Apps for 2019 and I opted for  Day One App , so far it doesn't seem so bad  , i will give the review in the near future . The main reason as to why I opted for an app is that instead of writing my tasks on a notebook I want to write them on a mobile app instead .

Tokeo la picha la power of writing

Why I recommend writing down stuff: 

  • With writing you get to jot down all the ideas running in your mind and you won't miss a thing , you will get shocked on how creative your mind could be . Writing makes sure nothing is missed out , and all your ideas can be easily worked on
  • You feel at ease and it feels like all your burdens are lifted . It's like talking to a psychologist , it's a therapy of some sort .
  • You can easily organize your tasks when they are written down.
  • You can easily evaluate your goals when they are written down as you get to know what has been achieved and what has failed and you can even try to analyze what really happened since if you have the habit of writing you can follow up the trends and very easily discover the problem .
  • It's one of the ways of expressing what you feel . Everyone has a different way of expressing their feelings , some do it through singing , some drawing and some through writing.

 Drop your comments below and let me know if writing is a thing for you or you got another way of your own .