Everyone talks about self-love, about taking good care of yourself. There are so many ways to take good care of yourself and one of them is dressing to kill. Looking good gives this confidence that is unexplainable.

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So how do you get your clothes, shoes, etc? Do you buy them like one by one, on occasion or you just buy something when you like it? All those are right, we got different lifestyles anyway.

I don't have a specific formula either when it comes to shopping, but I think it's high time I upgrade. "Because we are growing up baby...".

So allow me to present you upgrade no.1: The " Shopping Spree " upgrade. I don't think if I have ever done one before, but just thinking about it excites me.

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You are probably asking yourself what a shopping spree is. Well, a shopping spree is like going to a mall and buying lots of stuff all at once especially the essentials like clothes, jewelry, and makeup.

Tips on a successful shopping  spree 

  • Be determined
Get it in your mind that you need to have shopping sprees as a part of your life. Just accepting that is a first step towards having shopping sprees in the near future.

  • Have a plan in mind
You should plan everything, from the budget, timing and what are you going to get. That will enable you to have a successful shopping spree.

  • Have a budget for it
This is obvious, as long as you are going to get multiple kinds of stuff you going to need more money.

  • Have a schedule
Have some sort of timing, like how will you do your shopping spree: monthly, annually, twice per annum and the like. Planning your timing well will help in your budgeting process.

  • Make a list of what you are going to buy.
Exciting, isn't it? Before going for a shopping spree you should at least have in mind what you are going to buy. Not the exact stuff, but at least the mapping. 

  • Make a good use of Black Friday's and sales
With these, you are likely to get more stuff at a much cheaper price.

  • Quality over quantity
Get something that will make you look classy and that is likely to last for the longest time.

With all that being said, I wish you luck in your upcoming shopping spree.

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