What is your purpose? What kind of person do you want to be ? What career do you want to pursue? What decision should you make? Should you do it or not ?


These are just some of questions that we often ask ourselves, and they get more as we grow up.
Questions that give us headaches.The world expects a lot from us ,but that's not really important  because deep inside we too expect something from ourselves.

We all have dreams ,big dreams ;well it's okay to dream big ,that's always a starting point.

So you are finally in your final college year,where do you go after that,what do you want do.It might sound dumb,because the world expects us to have figured everything out by then.But not everybody has everything figured out ,it's perfectly normal:The main concern is what do you do about it.

We all had dreams when we were young,we had a vision on who we wanted to be in the future depending on the kind of people that surrounded us. When I was  still little ,I wanted to be a secretary,then a lawyer ,well that's what my little mind limited me by then.I didn't really know what my passion was,what my abilities were.Then somebody told me ,I could make a good engineer,I was 11 by then. That's how it all started,that is how my dream was awakened : not by me but by someone who knew me better. And here I am ,almost there .

So what's the point of all this, I thought I could share something with people who have not figured their life map just yet.This is some of the things  I have learnt throughout my life journey :

  • Just dream big,don't ever limit yourself because that is what's going to give you the drive to hustle,the drive to be there.
  • Do what you love,don't do something just because somebody else is doing it or just because somebody told you to do it.It's your life,and you are the one who is going to face the consequences.
  • All your actions have consequences,be it in school,relationships ,life.We are all aware of this.
  • Everything ,every situation happens for a reason, always.
  • You don't meet people by accidents ,like out of 7.7 billion people in the world why would you meet them.So from each person you meet, grasp a lesson from them.
  • Have a lot of hobbies, and you will never get bored of the life constant routines
  • Learn something new everyday in any aspect,just like how I learnt there are currently 7.7 billion people in the world.
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Always accept what you feel,if you are happy then feel that,if you feel like crying then cry,if you are in pain,then let yourself feel that.It's totally okay.
  • Make sure you pursue your dreams at all costs.
  • Learn to balance your life,don't let all the heavy weight lean on one side.
  • Make sure you are good at what you love.
  • Self evaluations help us figure out things about ourselves that we probably did not know.
  • People come and go,and it's okay.
  • Have life priorities.
  • Set your  goals ,milestones  and go for them.
  • Always be there for the people you love,and let them be aware of that.
  • And most importantly ,God is everything.
 I hope you will all learn something.