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About Me

Unlocking Happiness: A Peek into an Introvert's Diary

 What makes you happy? What makes you feel alive? Do you do what makes you feel happy?

You should respond to those questions before reading this article, you are smiling, aren't you.

What makes me happy?

Reading books

I love reading, I do. As am writing I cannot stop thinking about the smell of hard-copy books. I read soft copies and listen to audiobooks (currently listening to Worthy by Jada Pinkett) these days because they are more convenient. 

Now thinking about it I have stopped reading for a while. Why have I? I remember back in the days when we were not as addicted to social media as we are right now. After a long day, on my bed, raining and me living the lives of the characters that I read. Man, it felt so good


God, I love music. I love how it makes me feel. One interesting fact is that I can tell if a song is nice just by the first beat as I start hearing it. I play songs with moods. I love Naija beats, the oldies .. name it all. I love good music


I have been writing for the longest time. Am an introvert, an overthinker ..I always have so much going on in my head. And when I write then I let it all out, I pour it all. Once am done I feel very light. Why have I stopped writing? Why have I stopped something that makes me feel so alive?


This is a hobby I developed in the past few years, like I said am an overthinker always in my head. So as I get ready for the day I always listen to podcasts, I get to learn and it keeps my head out of my thoughts. Could be Men the Podcast, or This is Love, or The Messy in Between


I have become a movie addict, I don't know if it's a good thing though. I watch movies every day, yes every single day. For the same reason, they stop me from thinking and make me relax after a long and tiresome day. 

Events management & Organizing

This is something that I noticed that I enjoy doing, could be a friend's birthday party or a holiday. I love planning the whole thing, the activities, the food setup. This is one activity that relaxes my mind. Maybe I should monetize it soon,


I love love going to shopping malls even when am not buying anything.  It's exciting getting to see stuff that you did not know existed or just get an idea of how things cost. This whole process really relaxes my mind.

If you are a good observer then you might have noticed that most if not all of my activities scream that am a full introvert, yes I also want to get out of my comfort zone and live with a child-like spirit. Explore new things, do stuff am scared of doing like swimming and the like

It's crazy how as we grow up most of us stop doing the things we love just to keep up with the pressures of adulthood. If this is you, then please don't stop living.

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