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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Twitter Cards


If you have a website or a mobile application you want to share on X (Formerly Twitter), or if you just have a link you want to share then this is for you. You can just share a normal link but if you want your post to have a pleasant look then cards are highly recommended.

Your post will appear as an image and a link embedded in it.

Initially, it was a bit straightforward, you just visit, click on Creatives then cards; then follow the next steps. But there has been a revamp on how to go about this.

Step by step on how to create Twitter cards

1. Visit

2. Select  Creatives from the top navigation bar

3. Select Composer from the Creatives drop-down list

4. Select the destination as a website or app

5. Select single media and uncheck the Promoted only option

6. Click Add Media select the media of your choice and confirm

7. Add a headline and the URL 

8. Post it in your timeline

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