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Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Late 20s: My Diary Insights


They say when you are in you are in your late 20s you get a wake-up call about life; You wake up one day and you are all over the place trying to evaluate all your life decisions

A few days to my birthday, and I have so many " aha" moments, all I do these days is think and meditate; about my life, friends, finances, and love life. Am growing up and I feel it. 

And today out of all things am grateful for my mama; sometimes I wonder what I would have done without her. I know am not perfect, but Mama made me and she did a good job. 


So learning is a never-ending process, you don't know how much you can learn if you just talk to people, could be a Bajaji guy, or somebody you met in the Daladala. You will be surprised by what you don't know. Today am grateful for all the people I met in my life and the lessons I got from them

I have been in finance groups that have so many amazing people, and am learning so much. I used to think I had big goals until I met these people because now my goals feel like a joke. Am so pumped, thoughts are all over the place. Swimming in all these possibilities, my eyes opened. This is going to be very exciting

16.01.2024 ( 2 Months post-birthday)

Are you happy?  What do you want?  What kind of life do you want?  What is my definition of a perfect life? These are some of the questions that I ask myself almost every day.

Celebrated my birthday a few months ago, and it is still hard to swallow that am in my late 20s, late 20s, it sounds so scary. 

I have changed and I feel it. 

I love the fact that I give myself what I want these days What Hellen wants, Hellen gets"".

These days  I don't think twice when it comes to fulfilling my wants and I love it here, I love the fact that it is little things that give me joy, that new book that I bought, the new food/restaurant I tried, that super gadget that I got.

A few regrets here and there, but I hope it gets better.

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