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Unfiltered: A Comprehensive It Ends With Us Colleen Hoover Book Review

I planned to read 25 books this year, a goal that I easily accomplished last year. But every year comes differently; It's December 27, only a few days away from the new year but I just read 10 books. Planning to read one more before the year ends.

Unfiltered: A Comprehensive It Ends With Us Colleen Hoover Book Review

Yeah, I know! Am I disappointed in myself? , well no I think I have a good reason for that, sometimes we let life get in the way and we stop doing things that make us feel alive or we do less of them. That is not cool at all, so am planning to strategize my reading plan so that this does not happen next year and all the coming years 

The Book!

Forgive my pep talk, the main reason am here writing today is because I want to talk about book no 10, a 288-page book that I started reading on Christmas night, and finished on the next day. I read a soft copy though, but I really wish to start investing in hard copies, well you know the smell of books, the beautiful bookmarks, and start building a stack of my future home library 

Well, I have seen this book before, posted on Instagram Stories of the people I follow, but did not get a necessary push to read then a few days ago this lady posted the book on her Whatsapp story and talked about the book in a way that moved me to read it so I said why not .

Book No.10.

Book Title: It ends with us

Author: Colleen Hoover

The book is about love, pain, family, death, abuse


I love lovee , well who doesn't, I love to be loved and love back in return. Lily was a lucky one, she found love as a teenager with Atlas, and then as an adult with Ryle. The kind of love that is beautiful, that makes you feel secure and butterflies in your stomach

The love she had with Atlas was built, it did not happen overnight; the time they spent together, the way the both of them saw the other at their worst. It is reasonable that Lily could never get over that. It is easy to love the person who sees the dark side of your life and still stays.

With Ryle I feel it was lust at first, I understand how easy it is to talk about how messed up your life is with a stranger since they won't judge you, since they don't know anybody in your cycle. That is what happened with the two. And call it fate maybe for bringing them back together.  Despite the downs, what they had was beautiful


We all have felt pain at one point in our lives, pain that could be caused by our friends, lovers, family, and co-workers. There is nothing wrong with feeling pain, you just need to learn how to process it.

As much as Lily's father thought he was only hurting the mother, indirectly that hurt Lily and made her hate him.

And Ryle! Oh, Ryle, well he did not mean to hurt Lily but she still did not deserve that. 

What I think!

We all come from different backgrounds, and we all have been raised differently but that does not give us the authority to hurt the people we love. We are all messed up, the best we can do is to work on ourselves to be the best version for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones

Do I recommend the book?

Absolutely, I don't remember the last time I wasn't able to put a book down.

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