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Avoiding Financial Pitfalls: Building a Strong Financial Foundation in Relationships

Am no relationship expert but I think finances are one of the most challenging aspects of relationships. If one of you is responsible for everything financially then good for you, but in case you each have responsibilities then this is something you need to speak about. Not talking about it can lead to grievances since one of you might think they're doing too much.

Personally, when it comes to money in relationships, I have an old-school mentality that the man should be the provider and I will assist in the smaller stuff. So whether you have the 80-20, or 50-50 distribution you still need to talk about it and set boundaries.

It's not an easy thing to do especially if your partner is not comfortable speaking about this topic, but if you are the one with the financial knowledge find a way to make this conversation happen.

I got this financial awareness when I was in my mid-twenties, so it is something I was not doing before but now I know better. When this issue is discussed a bit late then it could be too late to do anything about it. 

So while getting to know a person that you think could be a potential partner put all the financial cards on the table. Like, hey so and so, this is what I will expect from you, and this is what I will take care of. Don't just make assumptions and expect the other person to read your mind.

Lay the rules before; have a discussion, and you will get to know how the other person handles finances. The earlier the better. If the person does not fit into your financial books then you better let go earlier before y'all emotionally entangled.

If you're married or moved in together then you discuss who will take care of what expenses.

Here are some of the most important expenses to discuss : 

1. Gas

2. Drinking Water

3. Furniture

4. House Manager salary & expenses

5. Kitchen Items

6. Groceries

7. Decor

8. Household Items

9. Toiletries

10. DSTV Bill

11. Electricity Bill

12. Rent

13. Water Bill

14. Children's Expenses (Health Insurance, Diapers, Clothes, Toys, Food etc)

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