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Unlocking Higher Earnings: How to Cash Out on Adsterra via WebMoney to Binance for Bloggers

One of the biggest challenges for African bloggers is how to cash out money from Adsterra as most payment methods aren't supported in African countries.

I started using Adsterra almost 2 years ago, and well the money kept accumulating in my account, and did not know how to withdraw it.

Make Money Online

Available Payment Systems on Adsterra

There are several payment systems, which have different limits

1. Bitcoin

Minimum Withdraw: 100 USD

2. PayPal (Hyperwallet*)

Minimum Withdraw: 100 USD

3. Tether (ERC20 and TRC20), 

Minimum Withdraw: 100 USD

4. Wire transfer, 

Minimum Withdraw: 1000 USD

5. WebMoney and 

Minimum Withdraw: 5 USD

6. Paxum.

Minimum Withdraw: 5  USD

I was interested in the payment methods that had a 5 USD Minimum withdrawal amount as the rest were a bit high according to opinion. So I settled with either Paxum or Webmoney; tried opening accounts on both platforms but unfortunately, Paxum has so many conditions to get verification so WebMoney was my only option.

My Journey with Webmoney

I downloaded the Webmoney mobile app and followed all the KYC steps to be verified and luckily I passed the verification test. I was really excited no lie, as finally, I was going to withdraw the money I got from Adsterra. 

Linked my WebMoney account to the payment option in my Adsterra Account, and after a few days, I got a payout date ( A notification on your Adsterra account on when your next payment will be ).

On that specific date, I got my cash on my WebMoney Account, with a 1% Adsterra fee ( reasonable).

My Challenges with Webmoney

So finally I succeeded to get my money from Adsterra to WebMoney ( a big step right). There are also several options to get the money into your bank account or mobile money.

WebMoney Transfer Options  | hellenlifetalks

What I did not know was that WebMoney did not support wire transfers to my country. Just imagine the disappointment I got, after all the efforts to get the suitable payment method on Adsterra only to find out that the money is stuck on WebMoney ( Before using any platform please do intensive research to avoid disappointment)

So it took a while to figure out a way out, read so many articles and watched so many YouTube videos on how to withdraw money from WebMoney in an African country.

Finally figured out how to withdraw money from WebMoney

I finally got a method to withdraw money from WebMoney;

1. Log in to your WebMoney Account
2. From your WMZ Account, click the Transfer Button
3. Select To USDT-Address ( you must have a WMT Purse)
4. Enter your Binance address and amount and submit 

5. You will get a prompt from WebMoney to confirm the payment and get the money in your Binance Account
6. From your Binance account, you can finally withdraw 

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