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How Taking a Break Gave Me a New Perspective: Lessons Learned

 I haven't written for ages. I can't really call this writer's block. I just didn't think I wanted to share what was in my mind. 

How Taking a Break Gave Me a New Perspective: Lessons Learned

As writers, most of the things that we write about have a direct connection with what is going on in our lives at that particular point and personally, I wanted to keep that to myself.

A lot of things have happened in my life in a very short time, being in such a situation could be a bit overwhelming since you always trying to figure out how to make things right, and make things work.

So here are the few lessons that I learned during my short hiatus

The power of manifestation

What you think, what you believe is what is going to happen. If you think something good will happen then it probably will and vice-versa. If you believe that you will get something at a certain point in life then you most likely will. I manifested something years ago, and with time I totally ignored it but it came back and happened and that is when I connected the dots

Trust your Instincts

If you think something is not right then it is not, if you think somebody is not good for you then they are not. Instincts don't just come out of nowhere, they get triggered. So trust your guts, 100% of the time they are right.

Nobody really cares

Am a believer in the good in people. As much as I care about people, I always believe that they feel the same. Well people don't really give a damn , that  is the sad truth .You have to learn to accept that.

Hiatus - A pause or break in an activity

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