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Queen Charlotte on Netflix: Exploring the Complexities of Love and Marriage in the 18th Century

On the past weekend, I binge-watched " Queen Charlotte", and it's an 11/10 for me. 

The first few seconds when Charlotte was going to get married got me really curious, and then when I saw the good-looking king, I was like " Good for Charlotte". They had a really good chemistry for strangers, and at that moment I believed everything would be perfectly fine. George looked perfectly okay, and I didn't really know what was going on in his life

Queen Charlotte on Netflix:

Everyone has something they are struggling with in their life. When we meet people we act like everything is okay, all smiles; but deep inside we all got demons we are fighting. 

When George first met Charlotte he looked okay and hopelessly romantic. If you just watch the episode that shows the night after the wedding, you would end up hating him, how does the man who we all fell in love with during the day turn into a monster during the night. It's until his side of life was shown that we get to really see what he was dealing with.

When we love a person, sometimes we have to love the good and the bad. After all, nobody is perfect. I know it takes a lot to love and live with that bad side. As much as it hurts we have to endure for the sake of the love we have for the other person.

Charlotte finds out that George has mental issues, but she did not leave him or judge him. She embraced him and tried to understand and live in his world. She kept his secret from the world.

What do you do when the people you care about are at their worst? You show up for them and give them all the support. Honestly, this is not easy, but you would want the same thing if you were in that situation.

Being the King of England, everyone expected George to show up and play his role. He is also human, and with his health issues, he got scared of facing the world. But Charlotte stood up for him and held his hand through it all.

People keep things away from us to protect us, not to hurt us. It's not always the best solution, but it sometimes makes sense.

George kept his mental issues from Charlotte initially as he thought that would hurt her.

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