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Navigating the life of a young and independent upcoming artist in Tanzania: The Holyday


Behind the glamour and fame is the person and in today's article; " The Holyday"  tells us what life is like when you are an independent upcoming artist, especially one in Tanzania. Formally known as Abubakar Omary, The Holyday is a diversified artist whose main genre is Rap music. The Holyday has been making music for about 3 years with his most successful song being "Locked House" which has now officially surpassed 30,000 streams across all platforms with 20,000 coming from Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. 

The Holyday

His highlight performance comes from performing at the national museum of Tanzania giving him a cameo appearance on ITV, TBC, CHANNEL 10 and etc. His highlight appearances were on an interview with EFM, Clouds FM, and The Shades Podcast.

The Holyday started making music in 2018 after a life-changing moment that happened to him and his friends. Coming off the incidents The Holyday made his first ever song, an unreleased track called "ROLEX" which was under the group name T.A Clan. This was a group consisting of "Tuli on tha beat", "Man like Geoff " and "Holyday" himself. Soon after Rolex was released a number of other songs such as "Flexing", "Velvet", and "All my guys are ballers" followed as the group made their name and into the music spotlight. 

Across 2018- 2019 December the group was able to perform at different events such as the Aga Khan festival, multiple cross-school events, and The lounge Tanzania. 

The ending of 2019 featured The Holyday's first single alone titled "Love Tape series side A", it was the sad nibbah anthem as the streets called it but it was also a track that gave the audience a different view of who the artist is. Multiple projects later, The Holyday's latest song is titled "Locked House" which gives an insight into his journey and battle with chasing his dream.

What does an upcoming artist go through? Welcome to the deep dive into the world of "The Holyday".

Does music pay your bills?

The Holyday: No, music doesn’t pay my bills. It surely supports some aspects of my life for example helping me get offers and discounts by going to a place where someone is a fan or maybe they require my services then definitely I’m going to get way better prices than others but I haven’t yet reached the level where my music pays my bills hopefully, soon I will

 What do you do for a living; what actually pays your bills if the music doesn't?

The Holyday: I work, I have a normal 9-5 job, I teach to be specific. Crazy right? At 21 I’m a high school teacher, trust me when I tell you I never saw this coming too but it’s beautiful, to be honest. The question on your mind is now how you are 21, an artist, and teaching high school shouldn’t that be allowed?

 Well as you know the world is changing and so is everything, I got the job after I finished studying there I had really really good grades and as I was figuring things out I got the gig to start off as an intern and a year later I officially got the job so for anyone listening if you ever need an Econ or Business tutor (specifically if you wanna improve your grades but got a lot on your plate) hit me up. 

I also have an online clothing shop to keep things moving especially on the drip side, you always gotta stay fresh and lastly I’m a business consultant.

Doesn’t it get draining having to work a lot while still pursuing music why don’t you just focus on one? 

The Holyday: In the 21st century, competition is so intense that there’s no way you can do just one thing and for music’s case there is no way you can be independent and push your music as much as needed without having a steady income or a very rich family background, choosing to solely do music would be a dream come true but I’ll lose learning more about the world as well as in the stage of my music right now I don’t yet make money to support my life, most of us upcoming artists have to face this hard fact.

 I’m independent in most aspects of my life, therefore I have to use my head to make sure I’m doing everything I want to do, teaching came as a surprise but I love it, Business, on the other hand, is what I’ve always studied and always had an interest in when it came to just looking at life from a normal view and then, on the other hand, I have music which is something that is part of me and who I am and Imma keep pursuing it till I get TZ’s first Grammy.

Listen to The Holyday’s top tracks here: Spotify

Do you ever think that people don’t take you seriously or you are behind compared to your peers?

The Holyday: It sometimes comes as a thought maybe I’m behind, maybe I need to do more, maybe I need to be outside more, maybe I need to just follow the trends, but it’s all just a lot of thoughts that build up, the truth is that slight demotivation from the thought of behind pushing me to be better, I’ll try not to rush anything because I know In order to reach a certain goal for myself I need a certain move and plan, without the discouraging thoughts then I’d be less than who I am.

 About people not taking me seriously I have had such interactions and I understood why they thought I wasn’t serious this was because I didn’t have the super mega-chains like everyone else in the room nor did I enter with a bodyguard or a camera crew nor did I wear the most expensive clothing. 

I live my life a bit differently I like just being real and being myself, I hate it when I pretend to be something I’m not, if I like this necklace I’ll wear it but it’s going be because I like it not because the media thinks it’ll make me look like an Artist, as well as these gimmicks artists pull up I personally don’t like them so it’s why I'm just simple but to the music industry that simplicity makes you look unserious”

So as an upcoming artist who deals with all your show bookings, music production, and all other management issues? 

The Holyday: As of recently I’ve been working with Adkmanagement and it’s been good honestly, I’ve got chances to appear at more venues and buildings which has helped my image and brand improve very much.

 I still take care of my expenses when it comes to wardrobes and branding to a certain point. When it comes to the music side I’ve always believed in the idea of starting from the bottom and I’ve had nearly the same people who we started with till today I still work with Stivas, Northeenz, Tuli on the beat, Kamili Freeman, Badden Beats and have added a number of other producers, sound engineers, artists who are also on the rise (upcoming and underground)for us to make the best music together, HBKNATION was part of the initiative that helped create this. 

Now before I got this team of people to work with me and help it was a bit hard because as an upcoming artist most of the time you have to do everything on your own from paying all the costs to finding shows, radio or tv appearances as well as royalties.

 The workload for upcoming artists is very very heavy and no it’s only because we believe in our dream that’s why we keep pushing through no matter the circumstances or challenges.

Listen to locked house here: Apple Music

Do you ever feel like your fans expect more from you? 

The Holyday: Yes definitely, I remember I was at this mall and I get there with the boda(motorbike) and there was this brother who recognized me and then he came up to me like yowwww you the Holyday right and I'm like yeah bruv that’s me, he tells me he loves my music and that I need to drop some videos then questioned why I’m using a boda instead of my own whip cos I must be making crazy guap with my music. Now I’ve been asked so much about videos, cars, etc but then as an upcoming artist, I’m not yet there on that level whereby I can just buy myself what I want or I can spend 2/3/4 million on a video that I haven’t fully planned yet. 

Investing in music is something that I do and always try to keep doing it even though I have a plan on how to do it. Sometimes life comes and washes away the plan due to different life uncertainties but I have a planned out schedule for most of the moves I make but the public they have to wait for it. I’m an artist but I’m also just a human, I ain’t invisible, there are things you wish to accomplish but it takes time and sometimes it takes connections.”

Ayra star is 20, Rema is 22, Kid laroi is 19, what’s stopping you from being at their level? 

The Holyday: Pesa mtu wangu, mchawi Pesa tu. Like what’s common in all of them is that they are on very big labels, their talents are exceptional, and they are hardworking and very consistent but being on a label is a super big advantage, having a big business take care of everything for you puts you in a certain age and eases your mind for certain things, compared to the person who gotta do 3-5 things to get the money to go record or to make a video. 

Labels are the ones that deal with distribution, placements, listing, and even record tracking of your songs but as an independent artist such favors don’t come to you and the less you can concentrate on everything the less you’ll succeed. Plus in Tanzania it’s a bit different, I can’t say how or why yet but after the change, the new school will bring, everyone will understand.

Want to see and hear more from "the HolyDay"  well pick a link below and go straight to him

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