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Lyrical Genius: Meet the Tanzanian Melodic Rapper Taking the Music World by Storm

Meet Lil MimiX Tanzania's own Lil Uzi Vert, coming from Mtwara, David Kivambe is a 24-year-old melodic rapper who keeps emerging into the upcoming artist scene. He’s called himself the “Melodic Rap King” on several occasions and his fans can definitely stand to that label.

Lil MimiX

Lil MimiX’s journey in music started in 2016 after he performed at his graduation event an original song, this pushed him to make more of them. His high school friends always regarded him as Tanzania’s “Young Thug” but he kept it OG and adapted that style into his own melodic masterpiece.

The first artist to inspire Lil Mimix was Kanye West; his music could capture a generation, and as he got deeper into music names like Future, Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert became his top favorites. At 24 he now represents their voice and vibe in Tanzania. 

He was quoted multiple times saying “One day the world is gonna be like damn Lil MimiX started off from Tanzania; No way that’s impossible”.

What makes Lil Mimix unique is his versatile nature in his deliveries whether doing melodic rap, hip hop, trap, drill, or Afro-fusion he always delivers with a great presence that no one can deny. Songs such as Do or Die and Woah are great examples of what he can do and what he is capable of. Working with artists such as Wise Thug, Northeenz, Stivas, The Holyday, Champion sounds, etc.

In an interview with him, I asked him why he does music?

Lil Mimix: To me it’s not just making money and having the coolest things,nah all that will come, the biggest goal I want to achieve is to make sure I’m taking care of everyone around me, everyone’s got fat pockets and living large. I want to change that narrative that you can’t make out, I really want that line to die and Imma prove it with all the hard work I’m putting into this”

His message to everyone chasing their dream is “to not stop, life is sometimes hard and obstacles come in the way but that shouldn’t be the end keep pushing till things make sense, till things are back on track. Nothing comes easy so we gotta work hard especially if you come from below the food chain, they don’t want us up there so that’s why we should grind till we are there so we win and make our people proud of us.

Tanzanian modern rap scene has a lot of mainstream artists such as Countrywizzy and Kontawa, all of these have been able to mix hip hop with melodic rap to create their style and so has Lil Mimix. 

Lil Mimix is a talent that should be looked out the close sky as he is about to go BOOM. Watch out Dar, watch out Tanzania, and most importantly watch out world cos Lil Mimix is coming for you

Lil MimiX

You still don’t believe and want to prove it yourself? Here’s where you can find Lil Mimix and his music

Apple Music    Sound Cloud   Spotify  Audiomack  Instagram

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