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Is Sabrina Kabelwa the future of Social Media Influencers in Tanzania ?

I know you might be asking yourself, who is Sabrina Kabelwa?

Sabrina Kabelwa

Sabrina Kabelwa is a Tanzanian-Russian social media influencer. She’s been making content for a year and she’s been making waves like no other. You can definitely refer to her as "The Hannah Montana of social media", a Student by day and social media influencer by night. 

The 20-year-old High school influencer is definitely a force to reckon with, Last December alone she collaborated with companies such as Nilipe and Black and Abroad to make online content while working alongside other great names in the influencer market in Tanzania.

Sabrina Kabelwa’s mother is her biggest fan as well as the reason she continues to do what she does at a constant rate, from reminding her to post to cheering her up from the beginning her mother has played a huge role in Sabrina’s rise to the spotlight.

The fruits of being a social media influencer come in a basket of socializing, connecting, and creating a bigger circle. Sabrina has mentioned how all the positive feedback she receives from everyone on Instagram and her other social accounts drive her to work harder and post more.

But apart from the big screens of people's phones and laptops, Sabrina is still a normal person. Let’s track back her history and see where she came from and how has her journey been. 

Sabrina Kabelwa

Sabrina wanted to do something with social media since her early days of Form 3 when she studied at Alpha high school in Mikocheni. She couldn’t start at the time as she was studying in a boarding school and didn’t have full access to the equipment but as soon as she finished form 4 she started her journey to becoming an influencer by slowly starting to post on Instagram and making small daily vlogs. Sabrina grew her passion through watching other influencers in Russia and Fizo from Tanzania

In order to fully understand and know who Sabrina Kabelwa is we had to ask her a few questions and these are her answers

But isn’t it consuming to just be online all the time? 

Sabrina: Yes it is but mainly it’s just because as of now I have a lot on my plate but even that still doesn’t stop me from doing what I like, being an influencer has opened for me great doors and helped me make some good deals all while doing something I love. Just like Athletes or Entertainers, this is its own industry and I’m proud to be part of it.

How does your mentality stay strong when so much happens online?

Sabrina: “You always have to focus on what you are doing, everyone has something to say but it’s your job and responsibility to know what is right to listen to and what isn’t. The online world has so many disadvantages but has greater advantages if you fully utilize it, you can’t control what anyone says apart from yourself, therefore, you should just do it for yourself and other people will support and like you for it. Listening to negative comments can really pull you down and I’m always mentally ready to hear someone say something negative and then hit them with some positive replies just because why not, spread a little positivity won’t yea”

Listening to negative comments can really pull you down and I’m always mentally ready to hear someone say something negative and then hit them with some positive replies just because why not, spread a little positivity won’t yea

What’s one of your biggest achievements as a social media influencer? 

Sabrina: “ It has to be when people message me and converse with me about what they go through in life and just look up to me for guidance, advice, or someone to listen to them. The positive comments as well as people coming up to me in real life and saying hey your Rina right they are so cheered up and happy to see me. These things bring a super big smile to my face and just motivate me to know that what I’m doing is making an impact in someone’s life. 
Also overcoming my shyness as small as it may look but from constant practice of talking to the camera and recording myself I’ve slowly been amazing to move from my very introverted selfishness to a more outy person well not out person but out, as in I converse more with people, I interact better but I still enjoy some of my introvert moments”.

Sabrina Kabelwa

Sabrina’s diverse style in what she chooses to advertise and the way she does it gives her a unique edge. There’s so much to come from such a young influencer and we are here for it. Below are the links to Sabrina’s social accounts where you can follow her and even contact her.

Her Socials : Instagram      Tiktok

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