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Work-Life Balance. Is having it all a myth ?

 It's a Friday, the last day of the week, the last day of the working days actually. I don't know what is it with Fridays, there is always this mood; a weekend mood, you get to work but your mind is not in a working mood.

I am a perfectionist, I believe most of us are. I always wanted a perfect life balance, a perfect career, a perfect family, a perfect husband, a perfect me, a perfect life, a perfect everything. And then I grew up and life is not as it seems.

I want to excel in everything in life, I mean who doesn't. But maybe it does not work that way. 

Sometimes I find myself failing, God knows how much I hate using the word "Failure". But admitting when you have messed up is a big step towards working on the mess. 

It was easier at first, balancing it all,' work hard, play hard " they say; until .... Wait, how do I say this without exposing too many facts about my life. Think Hellen, think...

What I am trying to say is it's not easy at all, it's so hard balancing the 2 sides, life & work. When you put too much effort into one side you feel; like you are failing the other side and vice versa. And when you try balancing both, feels like you are failing both. And feeling that way sucks.

How do people do it anyway? The people who can juggle so many balls at once. Or is it just a myth?

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