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What to Do when life overwhelms you. Tips to cope with life speed

 I have not written for a while now. But writing is a part of me that I cannot get rid of. So my dear " writing " you are stuck with me for life. A whole lot of events have happened since the last time was here and am glad to be back.

What do you do when life overwhelms you? When you feel that there is so much going on in your life; When you feel like the speed of the events happening to you is a bit too fast and you can't keep up.

So here is what you should do. I promise it's going to work, or maybe not :

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1. Talk to somebody: Just talk to anyone, a friend, a parent, a spouse, or a stranger. Just let it out, they might not give you a solution but it will help you release the weight off your shoulders. Once you are done with that conversation you are going to feel a bit lighter, your thoughts clearer, and then you are going to make better decisions.

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2. Write it down; Yeah, that is exactly what am doing right now. Write down the million things that are going through your mind. You could write it in your daily journal or blog if you think you are okay sharing it. And it helps a lot. You are going to feel so much better after keeping your thoughts in writing.

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3. Take a break. Just take a deep breath and take a break. I wish I had the luxury to just go out of town, book a spa session deep in the words, and just relax in such situations. Do yourself a favor and take a break and bounce back stronger. Lay back for a little bit and relax. Put a pause on everything for a little while to give your body and mind enough strength to handle whatever is going on.

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4. Deal with one thing after the other. After listing down everything during the "writing stage" start sorting one issue after the other. It will get better and you will be fine.

Good Luck...

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