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About Me

Life in our 20s : Expectations , Uncertainities , Failures

By the time I was in high school I had all my life mapped out. I even wrote it down, like what age I would have my first car, what age I would get married, what age I would have my first baby. Well, that was me, always planning things out, always trying to get ahead of time.

Seven Years Later

7 years later, and none of the mapped-out events have happened. Life has so many ways of proving us wrong. I don't have any regrets because my mindset on how I view things has changed over the years. Am currently taking one day at a time, hoping that each coming day is better than the other days.

Life has so many ways of proving us wrong.


Do I still map out my life? 

 If you thought I would say no then you are wrong, I still do. It's a habit I can't stop, having plans make me sane. I just can't live without doing that. What has changed is that it doesn't pressure me anymore. I do plan and believe that it would happen but if it doesn't I take the lessons and find ways to make it happen.

What has changed?

I am more optimistic at this point in my life than I have been at any other point in my life. Yes, I still got my fears, have lost some, added some and some fears have managed to survive to date.

Hello, 26!  Here we come...

I will be turning 26 in a few days. Yes, am a Scorpio thank you for asking. Am I nervous, yes I am and I don't know why...

Get to know me ;
  1. Am still good with words, 
  2. I have learnt to acknowledge that am an introvert and I love it
  3. I have fallen in love with myself 
  4. I put myself first in almost everything
  5. I have more faith
  6. I still cry when am hurting
  7. Having a car is still a priority in my life.
  8. I have learnt to obey my body and my mind
  9. Am doing what I love
  10. I have started losing interest in foods that I used to love
  11. Am still a fast reader
  12. I think my insomnia is gone.
  13. Am still not a morning person
  14. I accept all the feelings that I have and let myself feel them.
  15. I still love too much .
  16. Am still straightforward 
  17. I still haven't figured out some things yet
  18. I still tell my mama almost everything
  19. Am less shy
  20. I love sleeping
  21. I now don't allow negativity in my life
  22. My love language is words of affirmation followed by receiving gifts
  23. Hardcopy books over softcopies
  24. Movie lover
  25. The most optimistic person you will ever meet
  26. I have gotten better at handling my finances

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