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How parents can affect how their children think : Optimism vs Pessimism


I have not always been this optimistic, it has grown in me with passing time. And in some way, I think my parents had something to do with this.

Since I started going to boarding school at an early age, most of my childhood life was all about school. Let's say I have always been determined, I always wanted to achieve something, thanks to my mama. And honestly, I didn't always get what I wanted, yes shit happens. 

As a kid, I never understood why would a person work hard and get what she/he is working hard for. It's something that I wanted an explanation for.

And yes I remember my little failures while growing up and my parents telling me it's going to be okay, that the situation was just temporary. They subjected me to positivity no matter how bad the situation was. They always praised me and awarded me even for the smallest achievements. I believe those positive words made me the optimistic person I am today.

So my first impression of things has always been positive. When I meet a person for the first time I always look for the good things about that person; When am in a situation I always look what's good about it; When I have a bad day or am in a bad situation I always look at what good came out of it.

Why be optimistic?

Am human and I have feelings and I get anxious too. But the fact that I got an optimistic mindset is a lifesaver most of the time. 

  • You can easily bounce back from a failure, 
  • You enjoy personal relationships since you see the best in people
  • It's not easy getting into depression

My take on pessimism.

Pessimism is a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen.

I grew up and met people with a very negative mindset. At first, I never took that well because I thought why would a person think like that. 

  • Why would a person only see flaws about people and not the good things about them? 
  • Why would a person think the worst about every situation?
What I think is it's okay, that we all have different mindsets.  Our parents raised us differently and we all passed through different life situations.

It's just not easy being around a person who sees faults in everything and everyone. But the good thing is you can learn to co-exist.

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