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Here's what to do with the extra money you didn't expect - Responsible Spending in your 20s

During college days, the extra cash we got was always used for having fun: shopping, partying, name it all.

But when you're out of college and you got a lot of responsibilities on your plate it is wise to spend it wisely. You might be employed or self-employed, the question is what do you do what that extra money that you never expected.

It could be an award , or a gift from a friend, or from a customer who had a higher budget than your initial estimates.

Here is how you can spend responsibly.

The rule of thumb is to split it into 50-50, 40-60, 30-70 according to your preference. 

Use to smaller percent to reward yourself ( Self-love is the key); get yourself that thing you always wanted, or you could go out for a drink, order your favorite meal. Just do something that would make you happy.

The other percent can be used in so many possible ways:

1. Pay your debt, if you have any.

2. Invest in stocks or any investment of your liking.

3. Put it in your emergency fund, and if you don't have one then create it (Highly recommended)

How do you spend your extra cash?

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