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6 Problems Only Women Who Live Alone Understand

black woman living alone

1.Having to Fix Things

My doorknob just jammed and this is one of the very many issues that I encounter. It’s a minor issue but well it’s stressful for me. 

  • The first reason is that I always think about how do I fix that,
  • and second, it was never in my budget because now I have to replace it or look for a Fundi.

The fact is living alone as a woman could be a bit challenging; so from time to time, I choose to get hands-on. I google ( I deserve an award for this ) the how-tos and then get to work.

So with the doorknob, I decided to open the screws and do my thing following this google tutorial  I found online. At a point, I gave up and decided to call a Fundi on the next day, so I took back everything as it was only for the door to get back to normal miraculously. I was wowed, and deep inside I was proud of myself.

black woman fixing tap

This other day my toilet tap broke & I was like no not again, this wasn’t planned. Honestly, I hate seeing stuff not working it disturbs me a lot.

There are things that I never expected could be this way but I got to handle them anyway; it's not like I have an option.

Today it was this doorknob that I miraculously fixed. I don’t know what will be next ..wheeeh

  2. Carrying heavy stuff.

Going for my monthly shopping I always expect to have small luggage and end up having lots of shopping bags. Having to carry them to a cab is always a big struggle no lie. Not to forget the times I need to buy something that's heavy and that I need to carry. 

black woman carrying shopping bags

3. Groceries going bad

After the monthly grocery shopping as you were trying to be responsible; there are always days that you're too lazy or too tired to cook at home. It's always tempting to order out because it's just you and you don't have to worry that somebody else has to eat.


What happens is that you always have to deal with some of the unused groceries ( the fruits & veggies) going bad. It becomes a life cycle.

4. Zipping your dress.

Hands always get shorter miraculously when it comes to zipping a dress or shirt with a zip on the back. It could take some minutes just to achieve that.

black woman zipping her dress

5. Missing Morning Alarms

Relatable, huh? You can't miss those days that you get up really late just because you didn't hear your alarm. The fact is you wouldn't wake up late if somebody was around to wake you up just in case you missed your alarm.

black woman late for work

6. Having To Deal With Everything.

Well, everything is always on you. When the fuse blows off when your home plant is dying when the tap leaks when there is pest infestation when the fridge makes weird sounds and a lot more. 

woman changing light bulb

Can you relate to all these?

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