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5 Top Podcasts You Should Listen To in Tanzania


What you listen to also affects the type of person you are; What you feed your ears and mind will be reflected in what you speak, your choices, your decision-making, and how you react to things.

We live in a generation where the number of people who listen to podcasts increases with time. Gone are the times where you have to watch videos or read to learn something or be informed. 


The best part is you can listen to podcasts at any time of the day while doing anything (cooking, cleaning, driving, etc..).  It could just be a form of entertainment but you can also learn a lot in different aspects: science, love & relationships, finances, name it all.

I personally listen to podcasts each morning as I prepare to get to work, or sometimes after work hours. Am learning a lot and the podcasts listen to are liberating. It's mindblowing how listening to podcasts could expand your mind.

Here are the best podcasts you shouldn't miss. Listen to them and feed your mind.

1. Men The Podcast

I think this is my most favorite podcast; it's basically about mental health. The main topics are discussed with reference to men but anyone could listen to it.

You can easily relate to the topics discussed as they are things that happen in our daily life and in our families. The best part of it all is that one of the panelists is a mental health expert.

Podcaster: Michael Baruti & Nadia Ahmed

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2. Salama Na

If you want to know the stories behind most of the celebrities ( artists, politicians, producers..) in Tanzania then you should definitely subscribe to this podcast.

You will get to know why the celebs do what they do, about what really happened in the scandals they were involved in, their life away from work, etc

Podcaster: Salama Jabir

3. Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee

This podcast is hosted by our very own Vanessa Mdee.

 In here she speaks about different life aspects and her parts of her life that she is willing to share.

Podcaster: Vanessa Mdee

4. Yesaya Software Podcast

If you are a software developer or you are working in the ICT Field then this is for you.

This podcast discusses a lot of topics that are Software related, and in some episodes, people in this field are invited to share their experiences.

Podcaster: Yesaya

5. Divathebawse

I first knew her through her radio program back then " Ala za Roho"; with her distinctive voice.

Most of the topics in this podcast are about love and relationships; you don't want to miss this.

Podcaster: Diva

Listening to Podcasts on your Phone

Podcasts are found on various platforms; Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts...


You can easily listen to podcasts on your phone through
  • Podcasts Application - iOS
  • Google Podcasts Application - Android

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