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A Secret to having a clean bathroom - It will shock you.

 We all love a clean home, which means a clean kitchen, clean rooms, and a clean bathroom. Having a clean bathroom isn't just pleasing to the eyes but also good for your health.

bathroom cleaning tips

Personally, I think the places that are so difficult to keep clean and the most vulnerable rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. My bathroom is all white or almost all white, the tiles, the sink, and all you could think of, and honestly, at first, it was hard to keep all that clean and maintain the white color. There are so many things to worry about so I heard to research everything individually: Stuff like 

1. How to make my bathroom smell good all the time

2. How to unclog my sink

3. How to maintain the whiteness of my sink despite all the lipstick and toothpaste I wash on it

4.How to keep my shower head clean

5.How to keep my toilet bowl and seat stain-free and clean

6.How to keep my floor and wall tiles clean despite the soap scum

7.How to keep my faucets sparkling

I always clean my bathroom weekly but I felt like it wasn't enough so I invested in as many cleaning products as I could.

clean bathroom

It has been hard until recently until I found out using "bleach" is the secret tip. After long research, I watched a vlog that recommended the use of bleach to clean bathroom/toilet surfaces. So I decided to try that out and it has been the best decision

The use of bleach to clean the bathroom

Well, on the first try it worked like magic. All the stains, the clogged drain issues were sorted. You just need to pour some of it on the surface with issues for some minutes then wash it off.

You should also mix it in your cleaning solution while cleaning.

Note: Wear gloves while cleaning as the bleach is strong and could be harsh to your skin

How do you clean your bathroom?

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