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An Open Letter to My Younger Self - About Family

Hey baby, 

You are going to have a great family. Let me get down to details 

You have a beautiful mother, very pretty, very hardworking, very loving, very strong. She is always going to want what’s best for you. She is going to be hard on you on your spending habits, and you are going to hate it. But it’s going to be good for you.

She is a good mother, a blessing. And after 25 years, she is the only one who really understands you. She is going to shape you and bring out the best in you. She is everything you ever wanted

You have an amazing father, he is going be very proud of you. He is going to attend all your graduations. He is going to send you cards on your birthdays and best wishes cards on your exams and congratulations cards on your achievements.

He is going to wake you up early in the morning and tell you to iron his clothes, he is going to tell you to help him wash his clothes, etc, and you are going to hate it ...but he had a reason for all that, and it’s going to help you in the long run.

He is going to encourage you, and teach you. He is going to believe in you and praise you. He has limited time on earth, so love him and show it and make him proud ( which you will)

5 years after your birth you are going to have a little brother, you are going to fight a lot, and stop when you’re all grown. He is the exact opposite of you  in so many ways but that’s okay 

The bad news is that he is going to be taller than you 

You are going to have great aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins who will love you and always be there for you 

You are going to be a family person, you are going to feel everything that happens to your family at a personal level, it’s a blessing, and a curse too. Just learn to see the positive side of it.

It all comes down to family. With family comes unconditional love, they are not going to judge you because they know you better than anyone else. They know your flaws and imperfections, but they are still going to love you anyway. They are always going to be there for you, as long as you live. You should love them, and always be there for them too.

Home is not a place, but the people in it ( you will understand this after you are done with high school)

At a point in your life, you are going to be your family bridge, because you were born strong.

All your family experiences will shape you to be a good one.

With Love,

The future

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