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10 Tips on how to smell good all day - The secret towards a nice body scent

Have you ever met a person who smells so good during the day, a time when most people are already sweaty? Truth be told it takes a little effort to smell all nice and fresh daily.

Here are some of the tips to keep you smelling good all day long.

1. Drink enough water.

Make sure your body is hydrated all the time. The more hydrated you are the less concentrated your sweat will be, and that will lessen your body odor when you sweat.

2. Choose your fragrances well.

Smelling good is okay, but don't choose scents that would irritate others. If you are a lady choose something that smells sweet but not too strong. And for men, you can choose something masculine but less strong.

3. Pay attention to your hair.

Most people pay attention only to their bodies and forget that their hair needs to smell good too. Enough investment should be done on hair sprays too.

4. Perfume Application

You should apply perfume soon after the shower while your body is still moisturized. You should also focus on pulse points; the wrists, neck, back of the ears, back of your knees.

5. Spray your Pillow, bedsheets

Lightly spray your pillowcases and bedsheets, to make your body absorb the scent while sleeping.

6. Make good use of deodorants

A large percentage of bad body odor comes from sweat from the armpits. Invest in a good deodorant to solve that issue.

7.Refresh during the day

Always have with you a small body spray, a nice smelling lotion, wipes, mints. All these will help you refresh your scent during the day, make you smell all fresh.

8. Layering scents

Don't just rely on perfumes to smell good.  It all starts with a nice smelling shower gel in your bathroom, and a scented candle in your house, and a nice smelling lotion. All that gives you a scent that lasts long.

9 . Wash your clothes with a nice smelling detergent

Wash your clothes from time to time with a nice scented detergent to accompany the fragrances that you will put on.

10. Be careful with what you eat.

What gets in your body is what gets out. Be careful in your food choices. When possible, avoid foods that have a strong smell. Onions and garlic can all lead to bad breath.

In case you eat these foods, carry around some mints or mouthwash to freshen up your breath after eating.

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