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Sex During Periods : Benefits , Risks , Tips

This is still a debate on whether you can or cannot have sex on period. The answer to this is individualized.

Sex During Periods
Medically there is no danger for pregnancy but higher danger for sexually transmitted diseases, so Protection is MUST even when having sex with someone you trust as your menstrual blood can affect him as well.

 In addition to sexually transmitted diseases, women are at increased risk of developing yeast infection or vaginosis when having sex during periods. 

The benefits of having sex are: 

● shorter periods due to uterine contractions during orgasm 

● lighter, less painful periods 

● reduced stress 

● improved sleep 

● headache relief 

● strengthened immune system 

● improved fitness 

Having sex during menstruation can sometimes be messy. However, there are some steps people can take if they are worried about this, including: 

● using towels to cover sheets or other surfaces 

● having sex in the shower 

● staying in the missionary position or laying on one side 

● Using a condom. 

● Using a disposable menstrual cup 

Is sex safe during the menstruation period?

Written by Augustine Rutasingwa ( A doctor to be, Traveller),  you can find him on Twitter (#Daktari Mtalii)
and Nancy Rumazi( A Nurse, A writer ) you can find  her on Twitter   (@NRumazi) 

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