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Losing A Loved One

 It's not easy, it's never going to be easy. You might never recover but I promise you are going to learn to live with it, to some people it takes a short time, and to some, it could take longer.

The sad truth is that people think they understand, but they really don't. This is something that only a person that has experienced can understand.

Am not writing this as a consultant, am writing this as a victim, as a person who has been down that road. I was never comfortable speaking about this, and years later am here, all comfortable. The pain might never stop, you just grow stronger.

We all daydream about our future life, the kind of car we are going to have, the kind of house we are going to have, etc. I do that too, being so optimistic I always think of the positive stuff, and sometimes I do think of possible challenging scenarios and how I could solve them. 
But the death of a parent or somebody very close to me is something I never wanted to imagine, like who would do that; I just had the mentality that if it happened then I would just know how to handle it.


 But we all don't have control of our lives, of our loved ones, of what is going to happen. So some years ago something that I never wanted to imagine happened, at the most unexpected time. I lost somebody who was a part of me, 

The journey was a mixture of depression, panic attacks, memories, crying, pain. Truth is you lost a part of you, and some things are never going to be the same. It doesn't get better, you just get better.

How to Cope

  • If you feel like crying then cry your heart out.
  • Allow yourself to grieve.
  • If you feel pain, then allow yourself to feel it.
  • Talk to somebody who has been down that road too.
  • Don't allow it to affect your life.
  • Learn to live with it.

Godspeed - Frank Ocean

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