As weird as it sounds I gained weight, something I thought would've never happened. You see I was one of those slim girls with a fast metabolism ( biologically ), I would eat all kinds of carbs, and fatty foods, and junks every day without gaining weight at all. My maximum weight was 50kg, that was like the greatest of all time. 

Weight Gain

Felt like heaven for me, not thinking about working out, or belly fat. Little did I know that regime would come to an end because honestly I never thought it would. I got no regrets it's just that I never thought it would ever happen.

The good part about being slim

When I was in that category,
  •  I never had to do a diet.
  • I never worried about my tummy.
  • I didn't weigh myself obsessively.
  • I never had to do any work-out.
  • I could just wear anything without overthinking.
  • Positive compliments.

Weight Gain

The bad part about being slim

We all know that people talk, sometimes just too much. So that is the main challenge like you could be comfortable with your body; But you just can't avoid comments from people around you, both constructive and destructive. Statements like :

You are too slim.

Gain a little more weight.

Stop dieting. You should eat more.

My Weight Gain Journey.

Well, this happened after college. I know of people who take supplements just to gain weight or take a weight gain diet.
 I personally did none of that, I didn't change my lifestyle or the kind of food I ate. I guess my body just decided it was the time after self-repair of all those school years struggle. So I gained weight  8-10kg variably.

Weight Gain

My weight gain journey wasn't a slow process, it just happened out of nowhere. Initially, I didn't notice, but soon after starting to receive compliments from people around me I had to go weigh myself, and yes that's how I knew I had gained several kgs.

The good part of gaining a little bit of weight.

  • You become a bit curvier.
  • Positive compliments.
  • Clothes stay in their right places.

The bad part of gaining a little bit of weight suddenly.

  • I had to be careful with what I eat.
  • Some clothes were a lit bit tighter.
  • I had to work out sometimes.
  • I got obsessed with weighing myself.
  • I started getting worried about getting belly fat.
  • Like always people talk ( " What happened to you ", " you should go to the gym ", "you have gained so much weight")

Weight Gain

The Greatest Challenge I faced

My greatest challenge was that I started overthinking, like why was I gaining weight out of nowhere.
Then came the clothes part, I was used to the fact that my clothes usually left a lot of space and there I was my once baggy trousers a bit tighter. Honestly, I wasn't used to that, so I became a little bit cautious.

Weight Gain

I became cautious of what I ate, I was overwhelmed with all that.

Accepting Change and Living with It

But thinking about all that, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. I was growing up after all, and yes my body had to adjust to that. 
As long as you are not obese, or overweight then there is nothing wrong with gaining weight. Society will make you feel bad about yourself for that, but trust me it's just normal. 
Just accept the change and embrace it, there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with becoming a little bit curvier. Learn to live with those extra curves, eat healthily, and hydrate more.

Weight Gain

What is your story ??