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Waiting To Exhale Movie (1995)

Love life is not perfect. Be it a woman in a relationship or married, everyone has their own challenges, nobody knows what is behind everyone's smile. 

This is a story of four friends who have different challenges in their love lives. The four women stood for each other during all the hard times to conquer the challenges they were going through.

Waiting to Exhale

Savannah (Whitney Houston ): is a successful television producer who believes that one day her married lover will leave his wife for her. She later realizes he will never leave his wife.

Bernadine (Angela Bassett ) :  A woman that abandoned her own career dream of having a catering business to support her husband, who then dumps her for a  woman he works with.

Robin (Lela Rochon): A high-powered executive and the long-time mistress of married Russell. She jumps from man to man and has trouble settling with one man.

Gloria (Loretta Devine): A beauty salon owner and a single mother. Her ex-husband, who is also the father of her son, tells her he was gay.

As a woman what challenges have you ever faced in your relationship/marriage? Share your story.

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