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About Me

I found what I have always been looking for : Google Lens

google lens

Y'all know that I am a tech lady. So there was this time I thought like if we got Shazam a mobile app which helps us to identify any music around us, then why can't we have the same thing in other aspects of life.

Shazam - Music Discovery, Charts & Song Lyrics

Then I went to this tech exhibition and I saw this app that identifies plant diseases by capturing the image of the specific symptom. At that particular moment, I thought why don't we have a " food shazam", like I go to a restaurant eat something, and if I like the food and I want to know something about it, like the name, the recipes and all that I could just capture the image and get access to all that info.

Well, I never worked on that idea, until I found something similar, and just similar but way more powerful. You see with the idea I had before it was based on one specific thing but with "google lens " not only could you get details about food but any image that you capture. 

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google, designed to bring up relevant information related to objects it identifies using visual analysis based on a neural network.- Wikipedia


How does it work? 

When directing the phone's camera at an object, Google Lens will attempt to identify the object by reading barcodes, QR codes, labels, and text, and show relevant search results and information.
The software will be able to recognize and recommend items on a menu. It will have the ability to also calculate tips and split bills, show how to prepare dishes from a recipe, and can use text-to-speech / speech-to-text. - Wikipedia

The extra functionalities : 

With Google Lens you can also do the following :

  • Copy text from paper to your laptop
  • Learn new words and how to pronounce them
  • Other examples of what Google Lens can do include being able to take a picture of the SSID sticker on the back of a Wi-Fi router, after which your phone will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network without you needing to do anything else.
  • Google Lens will recognize restaurants, clubs, cafes, and bars, too, presenting you with a pop-up window showing reviews, address details, and opening times.

My First Experience 

So  I got this cute thrift handbag, and I honestly don't know the brand or the original price. I used it for my first trial on Google lens, and I got to see the name, the brand, the price on online stores, and much more.

So tell us how do you use Google lens?

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