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How To Spend Your Sunday If You Are Living Alone

After the whole week at work or at school Sunday is that day that should be for you. I personally call my Sundays "Self-Care-Sundays". Sundays highly contribute to the kind of week you are going to have. If you are living at home or have a family, Sundays are for the family but if you living alone then Sundays are for you. 
Use your Saturdays to visit friends and family, but keep Sunday for you.

How to spend your Sunday

Meditate & Plan your week

Think about your life and evaluate how your week was, what you did right, and where you went wrong. Check if you did all you wanted to do on that week. Make plans on making your coming week much better and productive.
Then plan your coming week, and write down your schedule on a notebook, or a planner. If you prepare meals at home Sunday is a good day to play your menu for the coming week.

Read a book

Weekdays get busy sometimes and it could be hard reading, so use your Sundays for that. A chapter or two wouldn't hurt.

Prepare your favorite meal; your weekly meals; learn a new recipe; have breakfast on bed

Pamper yourself and prepare your favorite meal. You can also use Sundays to prepare your meals for the coming week, this will help you to save time during the week and it will help you to eat healthily.

Recipes are all over the internet, use Sundays to learn a new dish. Since you are on your own nobody is going to judge you if what you prepare doesn't turn out good.

Clean & Organize 

Clean up your place thoroughly, wash your clothes. Make sure everything is sparkly and well organized. It feels so good when everything is in place I promise.

Self- Care.

Take care of your self on Sundays. Clean every part of your body, go for manicure and pedicure. Do a facial, massage. Go for that hair cut or go for hair treatment. Go for a movie and have fun.

Go for shopping

Sundays are good for shopping of your weekly home stuff, plus you can go windowshopping for your personal items.

Go for a walk.

Take an evening walk for some fresh air as you prepare for a new week. Just take the time to recharge, to reflect and clear your mind.

How do you spend your Sundays?

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