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Blood & Water 2020 - Series Review

Blood & Water is a South-African teen Netflix drama premiered on May 20, filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. Only Season One (6 episodes ) has been released. Netflix has uploaded episode one on YouTube so you can check it to see if it's worth watching.

Blood & Water

I personally loved it, the story and the acting is great. Each episode makes you want to know what's going to happen next.

Each character ( Puleng, KB, Kibs, Wendy, Zama ...) had a uniqueness and that's what made Blood & Water more interesting.

Puleng & Zama

What I loved most was that they used one of my most favorite songs "Whipped", and the fact that Nasty C was one of the actors.

The ending was really good but left me on suspense, and I can't wait for Season Two. And I think they should make a book about this because the story is so good.

What do you think about Blood & Water?

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