If I was given a time machine to take back my life 5 years back, mules wouldn't be an option in my shoe list. But here I am today to praise this old fashioned shoe style. I used to know of their existence but I didn't know they were specifically called "mules". And as of today, I would rate them as a simple but yet classic type of shoe.



So what are mules?

Mule is a style of shoe that has no back around the foot's heel. Like nothing covers the heel. It could be a heel, wedge, or flat. Back in time, these types of shoes were considered as indoor shoes (not worn in public ) but gone are those times because in this century mules are worn at any time, by anyone (male or female) and for any occasion.

Mules for women

Simple yet classy, mules are a must-have for any woman. For the casual evening or weekend outings, for those times you want to go to the store and you want to put on something simple but to keep class then mules are meant for that. Depending on your preferences you can go for flats ( my favorite ), wedged, heeled mules, they also come in different textures, suede, woven, and the like.



Mules for men

It's well known that most guys are not into fashion and style. But for the fashion guys out there, mules are a must-have. For a stylish, casual look, mules sort that. They are just like slides or slip-on.

men mules

Men mules

What's your opinion about mules? What do you think?