Well, you just got out of college and well I know we all got that dream house or apartment. It's not easy for all of us to get all that at once, I know some people get their dream apartments right after college, but there are some people who start small before they get there. One step at a time baby.


All I know is that it could be challenging considering the fact that you just started life after college, and maybe you landed your first job, and the finances are not well balanced. And as a part of growing up most of us leave home, and to start with having a bedsitter is always the easiest option at first because it's affordable. It's not what we dreamt of, but it's always a starting point.

So a bedsitter (bed-sit or bed-sitting room) is a single room serving as both bedroom and sitting room, or even a kitchen. Basically, the room can have a bathroom, or not ( for this case the bathroom is shared ).


The honest truth is, having a bedsit is probably not your dream, but the good news is your bedsit is where you are going to grow, it is your starting point. So make sure you make it homey, and alive, and beautiful, and comfortable, because it is your beginning, it is where you grow.


  • A big bed
Yes, your bedsit could be small but that doesn't give you an excuse to have a small bed. Remember the rule is to be comfy, so your bed should be big enough. And it should be something of your taste, in terms of color or the design. Your room should reflect you. 

Bedsitter bed

  • Wall Paintings
These make your room artistic and interesting. There so many affordable art pieces out there. You can even look for pictures online and print them. Don't forget that your taste matters a lot.

You can have them in different sizes, and place them at different parts of your bedsit.

Room Paintings

  • Working Area
This is like a home office, so you just need a mini-table and a single chair. You can make your table more interesting by having a table - lamp, a flower vase, and some other cute accessories.

Choose a well-designed chair too, to make it spicier.

Home Office

  • Shoe Rack
So as your shoes can be in order, a shoe rack is necessary. Place it close to the door for convenience.

Choose a vertical shoe-rack to save space.

shoe rack

  • Wardrobe 
To avoid piling up your clothes everywhere, having a wardrobe is important. Just a medium-sized wardrobe is enough.


  • Laundry Basket
You need this to keep your dirty laundry, it also acts as a room accessory.

Laundry Basket..

Tip: Choose the primary colors of your room, so that they can act as a guide when you buying stuff  (curtain , rugs , pillows) for your bedsit.