What do you do when you first wake up? What is your morning routine if you have any?

Morning routine

The morning is the most important part of the day. If you have a good morning, chances are you will have a good day ahead of you. We all have different morning routines, but some things are necessary so as to have a productive and peaceful ahead.

  • Say a short prayer.
If you are a believer, then this is one of the things you should first do when you wake up. You know just a short prayer to thank God for being alive and to have a wonderful day ahead of you. Well at least that works for me, gives me the strength to tackle the rest of the day.

  • Check your emails, chats or missed calls.
Depending on your mode of communication, it's necessary to check your emails and chats just in case of anything. The purpose of this is just to catch up on anything that you missed while you were sleeping.

A quick tip, while you are checking your emails make sure you check on your junk emails too as there are important emails that may be considered junk.

  • Plan your day.
Write a schedule on what you are going to do on that particular day. It's easier if you jot them down on a notebook, or if you have an app you can write them down on it. 

With a schedule, you are going to have a much more organized and productive day.

  • Make your bed.
Well, having a well-made bed morning works magic. I don't know what is the chemistry behind but believe me when I tell you it does. It gives you peace of mind and a sense of organization. So do make sure you make your bed after getting up.

  • Have a glass of water.
It's healthy as it helps to flush out all the toxins that stores in your body overnight, it's also good for the skin. Plus it helps you stay hydrated.