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Struggles of Being An Introvert (Part I)

In a world full of extroverts, it's sometimes hard being an introvert. 

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Being a pure introvert I can totally relate to this. Despite it being kind of a challenge, I wouldn't trade my personality for anything, I like it this way. Hey, y'all introverts out there, being an introvert isn't a crime so learn to embrace that.

One of the struggles of being an introvert is the way it feels when you are in a large of people especially strangers.

I will explain that situation with a real-life scenario, my real-life scenario. So a few days ago I went to visit a friend, mind you, I was only used to the friend (let's call the friend A).

So the introverted me took myself there, expecting that it will just be me and A, that's what I thought. And that's why I had the guts to make that visit.

Struggle one: The place I went to was full of people, like crowds all around. And everyone was in a crowd like the were groups of people who knew each other and were talking and all that. And there I was, I didn't know anyone. And I couldn't really interact because I had a long day already so my interaction battery was so low. I felt like an outcast ...It felt lonelier than being in my safe haven (my place). But I survived that anyway.

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Struggle two: So I went in to visit A and guess what they were people all over (A's family and friends). Yes, it was A's family, but to me, they were people I wasn't used to. Any introvert would understand how that feels.

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After seeing that, I just wanted to leave honestly, I wasn't supposed to be there. I knew better the consequences of being there. But I had to face it. So minutes passed by and I felt like an outcast, I felt so uncomfortable, ran out of words, I felt drained. I just wanted to go home.

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So I had to look for a defense mechanism, had to touch my phone and scroll aimlessly to make me survive. My introvert self took over and I couldn't do anything about it. But I survived anyway and I know I will be in such situations over and over again and I will still survive. I got to live with that because it's unavoidable.

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So what's your biggest introvert struggle? How do you handle it?

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