Your body and mind feel heavy and slow. You don’t want to talk to anyone. You just want to stay at home, close the door and be alone for a while. You just can't keep on smiling anymore, and for that moment you just need a break from the world.

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Sounds familiar,? That's what is referred to as an introvert hangover. 

Staying around people for so long around people drains us. There comes a time when you can't take it anymore ., the input is too much that you need time alone to process everything before you get back to the world again and interact with it.

What they don’t understand is there’s a tiny, invisible battery inside introverts. This metaphorical battery contains all our juice for social interaction. When a chatty coworker goes on and on about her weekend and you’re forced to listen, your battery drains a little. When you do a group lunch with everyone in your office and polite chitchat is mandatory, your battery drains more. When you attend your second cousin’s wedding and play nice with relatives who last saw you when you were “only this tall!” your battery becomes depleted. It’s not that introverts have an unhealthy need to be alone. Solitude is our sanity - The Secret Life Of Introverts