You are probably familiar with the saying that; "The most important meal of the day is breakfast" and that's true. It is important in terms of quality and not just quantity.! Traditionally many families use bread and tea in the morning which is not as healthy as breakfast is supposed to be.

Tokeo la picha la the importance of a healthy breakfast

In the past, people ate bread because they believed that it was a high carbs diet and they needed it to have energy throughout the day, but back then scientific research wasn't advanced; so you ought to know that, our bodies need more than just bread and carbs in the morning. Our bodies need a balanced diet.

Tokeo la picha la brown bread

There are vast local foods full of nutrients. What is required is having them in proper quantity and quality to complete a balanced diet.! For example: Having sorghum porridge is healthier than just having plain tea. We should let go of the mentality that porridge is meant for children.

A  healthy breakfast should contain at least 3/4 types of foods, which are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. All these play a different role in our body and the key point is to balance the whole diet.

Picha inayohusiana 
We have different abilities in consumption, which is totally okay. Some people consume more, while some can barely finish a plate of American fries. We are different and there is no problem with that.
How to plan a well-balanced breakfast.

Assume your whole meal is a round plate, then divide that plate into different portions. Example: half of your plate be filled with food which is high in protein, then the other half should be divided by two, means a quarter of that plate should be filled with carbs for energy and then the other quarter can also be divided by two which is vitamins and fats. This is crucial because some foods act as building blocks, others act as fuel and others play a  different role.
Tokeo la picha la balanced diet 
Note: It is important to drink water at least 2.7L=3L a day and having snacks throughout the day like nuts, crisps is also important. 
"We become what we eat and what we take in contributes a lot to how our bodies become"
Written By Dr. Frank  Minja