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It's All About The Pre-Menstrual-Syndrome

Well, I wrote an article about PMS before, here is the link ....and to be honest that article was more of a research and findings from reading PMS related articles. 

I never knew about PMS before, but I came to know it after reading about it. The motivation behind that, was like I noticed a similar pattern of symptoms a week or a few days before my periods.

The last article was a research article, but this time it’s based on personal experience. So I will be listing my symptoms, then write their scientific explanations

  • I sleep for the world; well this doesn’t only happen in the pre but during my periods too. I sleep, like all the time. I feel sleepy throughout the day. I sleep early, and I find it really hard to wake up . That’s me, that’s the story of my life. 
Explanation :
Hormonal changes at this time (e.g. sudden drops in progesterone) affect the body's temperature control. In turn, this affects sleep quality.

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  • Body Fatigue, this is even more serious. I feel tired and drained. And mind you I sleep and eat well, but I just get tired outta nowhere. Sometimes I wake in the morning feeling all drained, just like that.
Explanation :
In the few days before your period, estrogen is at an all-time low. Your stimulating hormone estrogen being down can leave you feeling zapped of all energy.

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  • Yeast infection. Well, I don’t know why but I am more vulnerable during this time. It’s like my immunity gets weaker.
Explanation : 
The same hormonal changes that trigger menstruation can also trigger an imbalance of the yeasts and bacteria that naturally live in the vagina.

Fluctuating hormones and the resulting imbalance of vaginal flora means that there may be a risk of a yeast infection every month. In one very small, dated study, more than half of all women who developed an imbalance of their vaginal yeast and bacteria found that it began at the start of their periods. 

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  • Acne, you know am trying my best to take care of my skin these days , and sometimes my skin gets that glow and feels soft, and the melanin be popping..and then one Morning PMS knocks in, and you got a number of pimples on your face, the forehead being their favorite area. And sometimes they be twinning right on your here we are girl, what you gonna do about it.
Explanation : 
The rise in progesterone hormone during the middle of your menstrual cycle stimulates the secretion of sebum from your sebaceous glands. Sebum is an oily, thick substance that naturally lubricates your skin.
Furthermore, increased testosterone levels before and during menses may stimulate the sebaceous glands and they secrete more sebum. The effects of increased sebum may vary in different women. For some women, it may produce a healthy glow on the skin, whereas in others it may cause premenstrual acne as the skin pores become clogged due to the excess oil along with dirt, debris, and dead skin cells. 


  • Moods, moods, moods. Mood swings to be exact. Like I would feel so happy at some point then feel totally sad in the next hour, then feel angry in the coming hour, then feel like not doing anything in the coming hour. And then you are all emotional, cry over little things .It's a rollercoaster of emotions and moods, the struggle is real but I survive anyway.
Explanation :
Although researchers don’t know exactly why PMS strikes, these emotional disturbances are thought to be connected to the rise and fall of hormones, specifically estrogen, throughout the menstrual cycle.

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  • Tender breasts. well, my boobs get heavier, swollen and a bit painful.
Explanation :
A reduction in the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone before a period can cause sore breasts. These changes can also cause lymph node swelling, which may contribute to breast pain too.
There may also be an association between breast pain and a hormone called prolactin. This hormone stimulates breast milk production in women following childbirth. It is present in the body of females, and it can affect the breasts even if a woman has not recently given birth.

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Girls, please be free to share your story in the comment section down below.

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