And here it goes, another year passing by. I am not the same girl I was yesterday, I am not the same girl I was last year. I am grateful for the happy, sad and painful moments, they contributed to my spiritual, mental, emotional growth. Honestly, I got no regrets, I had my share of mistakes and failures but I am proud of the woman I am today because I am still growing and learning to become the kind of woman I want to be.


This year’s lesson isn’t exactly new; it’s something that I knew before but got to understand more this year. I learnt a lot but this was the greatest lesson of them all. “People are messed up “. I know it’s shocking but that’s what 2019 showed me.

I met a lot of new people this year just like the other years, and not just meeting them, I connected with them. You see am so good at that, at connecting with people and getting to know a lot about them in a short while.
Back in time, meeting new people used to be a hobby. It was so exciting getting to know a person, getting to know what they like, what they hate, their deal breakers, their pet peeves, their aspirations, their life stories, their best parts. But 2019 killed that hobby in a way because I just realized that people are messed up.
I lost contact with almost 90% of the people I connected with this year, deleted some contacts of people I thought were toxic to me, to my personal growth, and to my peace of mind, it’s not that am regretting, well no. I guess with age our tolerance for negative vibes diminishes. I don’t know if it’s just me or it happens to most of us.

Picha inayohusiana

What am trying to say is that behind every person you meet are untold stories, and experiences. I got my story and experiences either bad or good, you got yours too; in one way or another our experiences shape us to the kind of people we are today, to how we make decisions and handle situations in life, to our maturity level.
The first time you meet a person, it’s quite natural that you show your best parts to them, and they show their best parts to you, then comes the less good parts, then lastly we show them our demons, our dark sides and they do the same. And then you just realize that there a lot of things hidden behind the smiles and laughter of the people around us, people who are close to us or the strangers around us.
That showed me how life could mess up a person either in a really good way or in a really bad way …

Tokeo la picha la my 2019 lessons 

I shared this because I thought with this we will become less judgemental of the people around us, because you never know what that person’s story is; and just because you had an awful past , that doesn’t give you a ticket to messing up somebody else.Learn from your experiences and use them to get better.